City is the oldest Town rowing club on the Cam. From its beginnings as Cambridge Town Rowing Club, to today, it has brought people together in competition, and in friendship. Some of the club's history is recorded on these pages.

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City in the 50's

Many thanks to Peter Jennings for writing this...

In 1949 Cambridge Town Rowing Club I, as CCRC was then, won their oars bumping four crews who no longer exist ( Beehives I, New Museums I, Scouts I and Pye I ) gaining them third place behind '99 I and Rob Roy I. 1950 was a year of change, not only in the name of the club as Cambridge became a City. The crew lost several older members who retired and it rowed over on all four nights.



History of CCRC

City of Cambridge is the oldest town rowing club on the Cam. Early records show the existence of the 'Cambridge Boat Racing Club' in 1844, the largest contingent of which went on to become the 'Cambridge Town Rowing Club' in 1863. The Town club was formed by John Harvey in the working men's club that used to be located on Market Hill; this formed the core of what became CCRC in 1932. The club's colours are dark blue, Claret and Old Gold.



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