More Gold for Mighty

Mighty Ben Wins Gold for Wales

A bronze and a gold for Ben Redman in Ghent last weekend, he may have worn the Welsh kit but we know he was racing for City really!...

On Saturday it was the "International Belgian Championships", and on Sunday it was the "International Ghent May Regatta" (which is apparently the Belgian National championships). They're both held in Gent, which is a fantastic 5 lane course that finishes in Gent town, and has high banks and lots of trees/buildings around so it avoids the worst of side winds.


We rowed in a (scratch) heavyweight quad first on Saturday, which included Al in the opposition (who was amused to see me in a hwt boat...). We put in a reasonable showing, and came 3rd, (Al's boat won the heat) which didn't get us through to the final.

Then we dehydrated and didn't eat or drink, and did a sweaty run to make weight (I got down to 68.4), and raced in the lwt 2x (which was a straight final). We'd only rowed together a couple times before and it showed a bit in the blustery side/headwind. I was stroking and didn't get the rate up high enough (we did most of the course around 30) and ended up third, although that got us a medal! Nice ceremony, although the announcer thought I was Tom Redman (my cousin...)

Sunday we got up at 4:55am to find that some crews had scratched, so our races were straight finals, and the first was at 4pm. We did the lightweight thing again (I got to 68.7, and we had 0 grams to spare!) This time we did better with the rating, and did most of the first 500 at 38ish, by which point we were in the lead by a length! We did most of the rest at 34, but it felt like cruising (which is probably just the effect of being in front...) We won by about 3 lengths! Again, a nice medal ceremony, this time with a cup! My cousin got the honours again...

medal ceremony
The gun show

Then we jumped in the hwt quad and raced again - this felt better than the first day, but the lack of practise showed again. We were in the fight at 500, and had been rating 40+, but we didn't have the togetherness to transform that into fluid speed - the leaders pulled away and we came 4th.

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