City Medallists at the English IRC!

Magnificent trio Ben, Barney and Naz all brought home medals from the English Indoor Rowing Champs, times are on the Concept 2 site, here's Ben's report...On a cold and potentially very stormy day three intrepid City hopefuls set off for the English Indoor Rowing Championships. Having endured the "What? On a swimming pool?" comments from non-rowing friends, and an ungodly early Sunday morning start (up at 5am!?!), they were ready for the coming challenge.




However, first they had to get there. It's a long way from Cambridge to Manchester. About 3 1/2 hours drive, with nervous tension building throughout (not least about managing to make the weight for the lightweight category). Arriving at the venue, (almost going into Manchester City Football ground by mistake) they found some of the GB cycling squad training in the Velodrome.

Naz was first up to race, who despite battling through illness, managed to compete and collected a bronze medal for her efforts! 

Ben raced next, coming through from 4th position to clinch a bronze in the 30-40s lightweight category. The air in there was very dry, which led to an extended coughing up phlegm session outside afterwards.


Barney race in the open lightweight race, taking on the young whipper-snappers. In a magnificent effort he came through from 9th to 3rd. After a protracted battle, he pulled into the lead, and was chased all the way to the finish to win the gold medal, in a race with 30 competitors!

A magnificent day for the City of Cambridge rowers, who managed to get safely home for pizza and chips through blizzard driving conditions. Huzzah!

Cheers Ben

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