City Women Dominate VIIIs events at Head of the Cam

On Saturday 22 April the womens squad fielded 3 VIIIs in the Head of the Cam, a race over 2,600m from the A14 bridge to just before the Green Dragon. The full depth of the womens squad was represented with everything from ex-Blues to our recent Learn to row graduates.

The top womens VIII of Kate Hurst, Katy Levitt, Samantha Deacon, Sarah Airey, Zara Goozee, Susie Valen, Aubree Wisley, Fran Axe and Jess Upton (cox) were the fastest womens VIII of the day completing the course in 9mins 52 seconds - one of the fastest times recorded for a womens VIII in recent history.

W2 Head of the Cam 2017

W2 at the start line.

Aubree and Susie then went on to race again in the W2 crew of Tiffany Morris, Aubree Wisley, Steph Diepeveen, Susie Valen, Amanda Butter, Julie Lomas, Laura Beattie, Laura Farquhar and Robert Nimmo (cox). W2 finished the course in 11mins 32seconds winning the IM3 VIIIs category.

To complete the set the Womens Novice VIII of Jess Hasken, Livi Oldland, Elisabeth Fonteneau, Katy Harrison, Gosia Szlachta, Larisa Lazbin, Beth Jarrett, Jenny Stoneman and Daniil Slavin finished the course in 12mins 31seconds - a full 30seconds faster than their fastest winter league time, to pick up the prize for fastest Womens Novice VIII

Pots Head of the Cam 2017

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