W3 WeHorr Report

W3 at WeHorr

After a fairly disastrous Head of the Trent experience, hampered by weather conditions which were considerably worse than those later in the day and losing the cox box on the start line (apparently relaying commands down the boat whilst racing isn't terribly effective...) W3 were keen to show what we could really do. Unfortunately we didn't make the most convincing start to our WeHORR campaign as much to the amusement of the watching Southampton crew we attempted without much success to put the boat back together before eventually realising that having two halves of the same boat might be helpful.


W2 WeHoRR report 2010

W2 do WeHoRR

On a day blessed with glorious sunshine and good racing conditions the lovely ladies of City decamped down to Putney to strut their stuff on the Thames. Jess’ managed to get 3 eights worth of rowers across London without losing anyone (how, given the lack of a pink helium dolphin for us all to follow, remains a mystery), and on arrival we discovered that Gripper and W1 had bagged a prime place for us all to rig. All we had to do was stick our boat together (Easy. W2 always remember to check their nuts.


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