As we are now in the midst of lockdown we wanted to let you know that we are still planning to run the Christmas Head on 5 December (assuming that we come out of lockdown on 2 December.) While we are aware that most people won’t have had the opportunity to do much on the water training, the feedback that we are getting is that people would like to do a fun race (especially if fancy dress is involved!)

If the event is cancelled, or certain classes of boats are not able to row then we will provide refunds on race entries. Given that some college clubs need college approval to row (in addition to BR go ahead), we will also allow people to change entries (eg by swapping boat class) up until 3 December.

As you may know, we are limiting entries in order to maintain social distancing and for general safety reasons.

In order to be fair to all entrants we will be allocating places in the event based on the date people enter or contact me using the following ranking:

1. Crews that have entered specific categories and paid
2. Crews that have entered and paid but now wish to change category eg an 8+ to a 4+
3. Crews that have entered online ( but have not paid
4. Crews that have entered online, have not paid and wish to change category
5. College crews that email me at eventsccrc[at] with an expression of interest setting out the probable crews they will enter.

We very much recognise that this is a difficult time for the rowing community and want to put on an event that is safe, fun, fair and rewarding.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.